Yeager Energy operates an exploration license for geothermal energy near the city of Leiden, the "Oude Rijn 1" license, and we participate in the geothermal project "Aardwarmte Delfland" near De Lier in the Westland horticulture area SE of The Hague. Besides these projects we have two further applications for exploration licenses for geothermal energy with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. These are presented below.

Exploration license "Oude Rijn 1"
The Oude Rijn 1 license was granted on 18 August 2021 and is situated on the North Sea coast, starting approximately 10km to the North of the city of The Hague and includes (parts of) the municipalities of Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Leiden, Leiderdorp and Zoeterwoude. In this area there is a mix of potential customers ranging from greenhouse horticulture to industry (food, agri) and the Built Environment. It is envisaged that the area will need a mix of sustainable heat at different temperature levels to serve buildings of different ages and different types of industrial end users. Yeager Energy believe that geothermal will play a significant role in providing such an energy mix. The geothermal potential in the area should be excellent based on studies of high quality data from oil and gas exploration and production history.

Project "Aardwarmte Delfland" in Exploration licenses "De Lier 8" and "De Lier VI"
Yeager Energy participates in this project through our daughter company Warmtebedrijf Westland. Other participants are Shell Geothermal BV, Harting Holland and A. de Bruijn & Zn. The project is situated on the edge of the Westland horticulture area in the vicinity of the existing geothermal project "Geothermie De Lier" which has already confirmed excellent geological potential. The aim of the project is to develop up to 2 doublets to produce sustainable heat for horticulture and in time also for the Built Environment (residential customers).

Exploration license application "Nissewaard"
The Nissewaard license area is situated on the island of Voorne Putten some 20km south of The Hague. Two geothermal 'doublet' systems have already been developed by others and have confirmed excellent geothermal reservoir quality in the area in sands of Triassic age at around 2200 m depth. Existing systems are exclusively focused on the supply of heat to greenhouse horticulture. Yeager Energy is aiming to supply sustainable heat to a wider market including industry and the Built environment. After award of the license, Yeager Energy intends to conduct a comprehensive study to map out the subsurface potential for geothermal heat production, but also to engage and map out the demand for heating and cooling in the area - potential consumers include industrial users, utilities such as swimming pools, and of course residential consumers. When this work is complete and an economic business case is prepared, the next stage of the project can start. This will include the signing of 'Letters of Intent' with customers and suppliers of materials and services, filing of applications for various required permits to conduct activities and construct facilities, raising the necessary financing, etc.  

Exploration license application "Purmerend 3"
The area covered in this license application is situated over the town of Purmerend to the north of Amsterdam. Purmerend has the highest density of building connected to district heating anywhere in The Netherlands. The district heating network currently serves some 27,000 connections and is presently run predominantly on biomass, with natural gas fired boilers to provide peak demand and operational back-up. As part of plans to expand the number of connections further, the district heating network owner is looking at additional sources of sustainable heat. Yeager Energy believes that the subsurface in the area can provide a significant and sustainable contribution to this effort.

We always aim to conduct our activities in close cooperation with local municipalities, residents, local industry and other interested parties, at all times cognisant of and fully compliant with Health, Safety and Environmental preservation principles and legislation.

Parties interested to receive further information concerning our plans and ongoing activities and contact us:

Oude Rijn 1 license

The geothermal exploration licence 'Oude Rijn 1' (two parts, both in blue) is situated near the town of Leiden (province of Zuid-Holland).

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