Yeager Energy is actively working on the Heat Transition

Yeager Energy is active as Operator of geothermal energy systems and district heating networks. 

Our aim is to develop and operate geothermal energy and district heating networks at scale, using innovative business models, thereby accelerating the uptake by industry, residential users as well as by greenhouse horticulture customers. By doing so intelligently and responsibly, we will provide an essential contribution to the heat transition in The Netherlands.

Yeager Energy's application of geothermal energy consists of an innovative combination of subsurface and surface facilities - wells, heat and cold distribution, heat and cold storage and an intelligent, demand driven control system which enables year round supply of heating and cooling. We intend to combine geothermal heat sources with other heat sources such as waste heat from datacentres, freezers, industrial processes, etc.

We intend to develop and operate systems in cooperation with local authorities and/or energy cooperatives, at all times being fully compliant with HSE regulations and with due consideration for the protection of wildlife and the environment.

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